Monday, 12 January 2009

Back on track

Over the last few trading days I had been in a bit of a low, doubting my ability sometimes, and worrying whether my trading success is sustainable. Commenting about my earlier post on confidence, I was clearly with a lack of confidence, possibly all stemming from a few bad trades. I started today with low confidence, and it showed with a big loss, however I seemed to forget about the last few days and got back on track and the day turned out to be a good one. I missed the last two Wolverhampton races because I tried out some Bikram yoga. They heat the room up to 40 degrees Celcius and for an hour and a half your sweating like you've never sweat before and pulling off stretches and moves for stability. I'd done some Ashtanga yoga before, it wasn't as hard work as that, but it was great for releasing tension and stress. I would definitely recommend it! I'm going to try and go once or twice a week. There's something about sweating loads that feels great.

I said I was going to take Saturday off, but if you've been following my blog from the start, your probably not suprised that I did trade! I traded with that lack of confidence, managing to make £437.56, which wasn't great; I didn't trade very well, but at least it's adding to my total to reach my target.


leonthefixer said...

From the looks of that P&L you traded the three meetings today, out of interest what are you expecting from the markets come the summer racing which starts around the 17th of April through to the 29th of August?

If you can manage £1k+ on a crappy Monday I assume you will be aiming for well in excess of £10k a week if not approaching £20k during this extended racing period?

Adam Heathcote said...

Hey leon,

I did dabble in the Irish races, 6 of them, and made a whopping £17 from all of them! Well if I can keep my focus going for the afternoon races and then the evening races in the summer I should be aiming for £10k a week, definitely no way near £20k! (I wish!). But realistically the majority of the year's racing mentally prepares us for just 3-4 hours of trading. So I did find myself lapsing at points throughout the day last summer. Hopefully I can turn that all on it's head and absolutely blitz it!

By the way your blog is great. I really enjoy reading it.

leonthefixer said...

Many thanks for getting back to my comment and thanks for the kind words about my blog - I just wish I could get a little bit more like you with my trading lol!

HAving a nightmare this week - I feel like that old guy of $1Million Traders!

Everything I touch goes against me!

Anychance of poping a link up to my blog ;) ?

Keep up this blog I check it daily, I know how hard it can be to keep posting each day so well done on your efforts so far.

I can't wait until April 17th comes around and we get rid of all this frost and fog - I like a routine and don't like it being interrupted - something I guess I need to work on!

Knowing my luck Dubai will be off tomorrow due to a sandstorm - LOL