Monday, 26 January 2009

Back on my own

Firstly I'd like to apologise for anybody who has emailed me over the last week. I have been very busy and will get round to emailing back soon. I didn't really trade over the weekend, probably trading about 8 races over both days to bump up my monthy total. I went out about 4 nights in a row with my friend down, and wasn't fully focused with her down; nevertheless I had a great time. But now I'm back on my own I can give myself the time needed to prepare for a day's racing. There were some big movements in a few of the races today, where I poorly performed in. However a nice total for today so I am pleased.

A review of the poll I carried out:

The poll showed that Sunday is the least favourite trading day, followed by Monday and Tuesday. Saturday was clearly the most favourite day, probably because it's when most people have the time to trade the whole day, therefore making it a day to look forward to with confidence. Personally, my favourite day changes. At the moment I don't have a favourite day, I look forward to every day with a full day's racing!


alexandre said...

i am french student
i would like have information for horse racing trading
what this system ? back ? lay ?
where do you find your information ?

cudster said...

nice questions alexandre!
we would all like to know.
Yet another great day Adam!

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi alexandre, try the Betangel website. Or google it. I don't have any information, I learnt from watching videos and attending seminars. All the best.