Monday, 26 January 2009

10 Seconds!

Those of you who use Bet Angel will know Peter Webb's voice is used to signal how long before the race is due off. Yesterday evening I was on my run past Chelsea towards Battersea Park listening to my iPod shuffle; I fill it with random songs from all the MP3's on my computer. Anyway I was running when I heard "10 Seconds!", I thought I was in the middle of a trade!, which obviously wasn't possible! Anyway it made me laugh. I still wouldn't mind a calm lady's voice telling me the same thing, not that I don't enjoy listening to Peter's voice every day!

Anyway, back to today. I feel like I have been reading the market's really well recently, giving me a third day in a row with a profit over £1,000. I lost in 4 out of the 19 races I traded in; an average amount of losing races in a day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

Can you recommend any books or websites that might be good for learning about positive physcology money management and dicispline when sports/finance trading? Did you read any books on your learning cycle to improve your game?



paul said...

You're on a roll, Adam. Do you have a routine to get you in the zone for trading? Mine is roll out of bed, have a bowl of porridge and watch Homes under the Hammer, buy the paper and then start work. This rock 'n roll lifestyle is the reason I got into trading in the first place!

Tony said...

Hi Adam, do u use any of the tools
such as stop loss, or any of the others to help minimise losses?

pinsticker said...

Hi Adam,

Do you solely stick to pre-off horse trading or do you trade on other sports?
Do you feel as a trader you have to choose either pre-off or in-play, one sport etc or do you feel it is possible to trade on many sports?

Russell Johns said...

Hello Adam

Well done so far mate.

Just getting in to trading over the winter. I am flying back to the UK to have some one on one training at Sports Traders in London.

Just wanted to ask a couple of questions please.

1. How much do you usualy trade with per trade.

2. What is your Betfair bank roll?

Cheers and keep up the good work with the blog.



Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
What is the average tick size you trade for? I assume you vary it depending on market liquidity - but to get an idea of your average would be of much interest to me.


Anonymous said...

great blog...
How i understand you visited the seminar of peter webb? is it a good investment for the beginners?

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Anonymous1: I have added a 'Recommended Reading' list to the navigation on the blog. I'll add to it as I think of more good reading material.

Hi Paul, I don't really have a routine. I just make sure I'm sitting down at my table with 20 minutes to go before racing starts with a pint of water and the intention to eat some food!

Hi Tony, I do occasionally.

Hi Pinsticker, at the moment I am solely trading horse racing. Although I traded the Nadal Federer Australian Open today and made just under a £100; I think I traded it quite well (only traded the last 1 and a half sets) - so I'm really going to get involved in the tennis now. I do feel it's possible to trade on many different sports of course. Maybe not pre-race then in-play though - unless your very disciplined.

Hi Russell (& Anonymous2), the amount I trade with varies depending on the odds and the liquidity of the race - I get away with what can be absorbed in the market without turning my trading into a mess! My bank is £6k.

Anonymous3: The seminar is definitely a great beginners' investment.