Friday, 28 November 2008


Today was awful. I started off really well, £600 up after midway through the day, then I felt half asleep in my head and that's never a good thing. I am too embarassed to post the detailed P&L today but I ended up about £230. Had a couple of big losses like yesterday, it's another sign to me to have a day off. I have worked the past 10 days straight and feel mentally exhausted. I know some people might say "well you only work 4 hours a day", well, its 4 hours of thousands if not tens of thousands of quick yes no decisions made very very quickly in my head and its tiring. There's also the psychological fact that I know I haven't had a day off for that long.. I begin to hear my Dad's voice telling me to 'take a break'.

Anyway! I am out tonight on the booze at a karaoke night so I will sing my heart out. I want to trade tomorrow even though I probably shouldn't, I definitely have Sunday off as it's my Dad's birthday, basically going to watch the Super Sunday football round there instead of here!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Good bad day

Well today went well, but bad at the same time. I lost my concentration and focus a couple of times resulting in a few races with big losses. Very frustrating - didn't need the boxing bag suprisingly though! It's so important to stay completely focused on what your doing otherwise it can be so easy to slip up. There was one race where I could have made a packet but didn't, so overall an average day; average is never really good enough for me though; there is always room for improvement.

No interesting screenshots to show today, although there were a few occassions where the movement on a horse was certainly heading in one direction, then BANG, changed direction without notice. Probably arbitragers and value takers going hang on a sec, check out this opportunity!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A good day

Today was a good day as the title says. Although it didn't come without any frustration... In the 12:30 there was a huge movement! I was watching it from odds of 4.1 and drifted out to 8, I managed to make about £150, but in terms of the size of the movement it was kind of pathetic. You tend to think when a move is happening, that, it's going to stop drifting at some point, but no this one just kept going! This race was a bit of a blur but nevertheless a nice profit.

Overall today there was good money, good movement, apart from a dullish few races midway through the day I was happy. Not completely happy, I'm never completely satisfied with my efforts. I have traded 308 days since I started keeping records and I can only remember one day where I was completely satisfied - that just so happened to be my best day!

Here is P&L from today, if only today was 1st Jan 2009 it would have been a good start to my challenge.


Hi, Welcome to my blog! I don't have any readers yet, but I hope that changes.. A quick intoduction, I trade pre-race horse racing markets predominantly on Betfair at the moment, but as soon as Betdaq liquidity improves and I can move over there without affecting my profits, it's bye bye Betfair! I will miss Betfair - I prefer the name!
I try to work 6 days a week, but based on records its more like 5! I learnt trading on horse racing purely by myself, knowing that I had seen and heard it was possible to make money from it. A few P&L's on blogs and websites gave me somewhere to aim for to get good. If I see someone doing better than me I know I have to get better - I think this is partly down to my quick success I'd say! That, and being young, quick and intuitive all seems to help with trading! I generally do keep calm. Losses don't really affect me unless they are big and self-inflicted by a bad trade - in which case I have a conveniently placed boxing bag to the right of me for when that happens! Usually on a daily basis!... Trading can be stressful, days when I have no losses are rare and valued!

Anyway, I'm sure I will provide you with a greater insight into my trading life in future posts. I will update this blog most days of the week. In the meantime, before 2009 kicks off I will post P&L's so you get an idea of how I'm doing and whether you'll think I'll achieve this challenging target!

Here is today's (yesterday's now) P&L; a better than average day. Feel free to email me and ask me any questions.