Friday, 12 December 2008

Still trying to recover

Today hurt. I am still down with a horrible cold and I decided to trade the whole day today regardless of how I felt. Thanks to one race where I made a pleasing amount the profit today was okay. Feeling better I'm sure I would of got a better result as today's markets weren't bad at all. I dabbled yesterday for the first 5 or so races before deciding to not even bother, making £40 which was not worth it. My P&L shows no consistency today which is what I strive for, its much easier on your emotions to consistently make small amounts rather than go -10, -100, 400, -10 etc; as every trader will tell you!

Yesterday's short P&L.

One quick thing I want to question is this: who on earth put all this money down on this race? Maybe he wanted to back the horse and would back up to £50k. The horse didn't win in the end, so I was absolutely mind boggled. It wasn't influencing the market really either. It was just sitting there. Anyway, very confusing!

Not much to write about in this post, will write some longer posts when I feel better. Hope everyone is getting through the winter okay!

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Anonymous said...

That money appeared on at least two of the evening races, neither horse won and a fair bit of the money was taken, very strange...