Monday, 29 December 2008

Some average days

Well so far, this month has gone very well; my best month on record (in terms of average per trading day). Its helped by not having a losing day - they dramatically bring my average down. Sorry if you've sent me an email but I haven't replied yet, I've been quite busy (and lazy) over this Christmas period, but I will reply over the next couple of days. My New Year's resolution will be too never get lazy and lethargic like I have over the last few weeks. I am going to head over to the gym straight after writing this post whether I like it or not.

Anyway, today was less than impressive for trading I felt, the markets started off quite sluggish and they took longer than usual to fill up with liquidity. If you've been trading for a long time, you can always guage what a market 'feels' like. If you can't, and you've been trading for over a year, I would recommend finding something else your good at, or maybe trying a different strategy to profit from the markets. There are many ways to profit from the horse racing markets, it's just a matter of finding which trading style you are most comfortable with and that suits you.

Some people have been saying that I will "easily" make the £150k target, but I disagree. I think it will be a healthy challenge. Since writing this blog I haven't had a losing day, which significantly helps. Also, I plan on taking at least one holiday in 2009 - that will take out up to 3 weeks off. I decided that if I really do storm my way towards the target, then I'll change the target to £150k after Betfair Premium Charges. I'll post monthly graphs showing my progress.


Saturday 27th December

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Josh said...

where could i see these different trading styles you talk about?

Thanks, Josh