Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Quite an active day

Back to Tuesday again, thankfully there wasn't much pressure to make more than the usual Premium Charge amount that gets taken out of my account on a weekly basis seeing that last week was quiet and I was a bit ill. There were some big price movements today, not massive but big enough movements to make a tidy profit, I hope everyone was on them. I made a hash of quite a few of these movements and got frustrated in the process, especially around the start of the day. I found myself quite frustrated today in general when I couldn't make the most out of a given opportunity, but it was quite nice that the racing was very compact from start to finish, 10 minutes from race to race, 3hr 20min of constant trading - apart from when I had to go and make some lunch and it ruined my momentum and had a losing race; sometimes its best to make your lunch before the start of racing so you don't interupt your trading.

I am not an in-play punter but it must have been pretty hard with the fog at Folkestone. It must be the quickest person to recognise the horses as soon as they come out of the fog wins big!

I post my detailed P&L's but I might start just posting the daily profit amount, and only occassionally post a detailed P&L when I think theres something interesting to talk about. I don't know how interested anyone is at seeing daily detailed P&L's?

I did a poll on how often everyone reads this blog and it turns out its read mostly daily, so that will definitely keep me interested in updating it a lot - thanks to everyone for reading!


paul said...

Another nice day, Adam. What would you call a big price movement? 10 ticks maybe? Or would you mean more a point or 2 (or more)?

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, I'm enjoying the blog. Its very well written. Your results are spectacular and very consistent, Well done!..
I like seeing the results of each trade listed. It's interesting to see the variability and to spot the swings that went your way.
I only trade ocassionally for very small amounts on Betdaq. Do you think that the liquidity on Betdaq will improve to the point where it will rival Betfair? Doing a random check on the amounts matched on both shows 3 times as much matched on Betfair compared to betdaq for the next race at Kempton. This isn't too bad. Hopefully this ratio will continue to fall.
Best of Luck

Anonymous said...

A tidy day paul, do you have a betfair forum name or do you avoid the place? ;)

Anonymous said...

sorry Adam, where Paul came from god only knows! Accept my apologies

Chris said...

Hi Adam,

Just a question. If you don't do InPlay, what is the purpose to have skytv(ATR & RacingUk)next to your trading platform?

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi paul. My post today covers what a huge swing is! But they do not happen every day!

Hi David, I think the liqidity on Betdaq will improve undoubtedly to the point it will rival Betfair yes! I'd be careful about comparing amount matched on Betdaq and Betfair, they both work out the totals differently.

I do not use the Betfair forum, I tend to stay away from it, but I'll read it occasionally when an interesting event has happened, i.e. the Premium Charge.

Hi Chris, I use ATR and Racing UK mostly to tell me when the race is about to go off, the 3-5 second delay doesn't matter for knowing that.