Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Pressure Tuesday

I call Tuesday's pressurising because of the newish unfair Betfair premium charge. Betfair withdraw up to 20% of last weeks winnings on Wednesdays and the amount they withdraw usually falls between £400 and £800 for me, so if I don't make that much or more, my account falls below the rounded figure I always keep in it! It's not really pressurising, just an annoyance. There is no warning of how much it will be, they take it out as they please!

Anyway to today's trading. Thankfully I made a good sum today. I was sleepy and now that the day is over I feel like it was all a bit of a blur! I had made over the thousand mark with one race left to go, but didn't want to risk trading it in case I lost any amount, in which case would have brought the total to below a four figure sum! Silly really, just to make my records look good to myself! There was good money in the markets today I felt, enough to bring out a good day. There were no real big movements to talk about that I remember seeing, so just an average day I guess. Some people have been asking me what I do mostly, i.e. scalp or swing trade etc. Well to answer that I do everything, I think to be a good trader you need the ability to adapt to any market and use the best strategy for it.

Come to think of it, I know why I'm sleepy. It has been a dreary day and the four bulbs that were fully functioning when my flatmate and I moved in have been blowing one by one and now only one works, making my office very dark with a really bright monitor!! I need to get that fixed, otherwise I might get too sleepy and start clicking in the wrong places!

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leonthefixer said...

Could you talk us through one of your trades, for example the last race you traded?

Also any chance of a video?

Well done on the win.