Monday, 1 December 2008

Power Cut

Well today, just as I started trading on the first race at Folkestone, there was a power cut! Midway through a trade. Everything just cut out, and sirens started going off outside in all directions! Thankfully I had another 10 minutes before the race was due off so I could exit my trade in good time. I have a backup laptop connected to mobile broadband so took me less than 20 seconds to close my position. Very important if you don't want to end up gambling!

Right, power came back nearly 2 hours later, so got on with trading. Finished £500 up which was okay I guess, I don't like putting a partially traded day in my records because they bring down my average per day! I will put this in because it's only a few hundred below average. Didn't trade the last few Wolverhampton races either, had 5-a-side football to go to!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam, very unlucky with the power cut...still a fair day none the less by anyones standards.

I've dropped you an email, would be good to chat when you get time. Cheers