Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Poor end to a great year

I wasn't focused at all at the start of today, I was day-dreaming leaving myself in ridiculous positions while no decisions were processing in my head, screwing me over basically. After being over £350 down I pulled myself together for a while but again lost my focus at the end, making ridiculous decisions again and not cutting my losses. They are massive losses and probably the biggest losses I've incurred all year. What a mess. I don't want to trade tomorrow so this was my last trading day for the year. As the title says, a poor end to a great year; a year where I exceeded all my expectations given I placed my first few trades in August last year. I gave myself 9 months from September 2007 to make a living out of trading, I succeeded after only 2 months reaching a £100 a day after 3 months. In 2009 I have set myself this £150k target which I think is a good target. I feel (I know) I can improve in certain areas of my trading, but instead of focusing on those areas specifically while I trade I will let my instincts and natural learning ability help me improve; I hope!

In 2009 I hope to diversify my sports trading into football and tennis (successfully!). I'll do this on a separate account. I've already been trading on some football matches, but only occasionally.


paul said...

you can't win them all, Adam. What sort of bank were you using to achieve £100 a day? I ask as I'm going to move from in play some time next year. Anyhow thanks for all the inspirational posts and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

proves your human

Beltrán said...

Man, I`m going crazy watching your incredible results. ¿Are you sure about start in football? I think it is really dangerous... Beltrán (from Spain).

Anonymous said...

A loss can do you good at times Adam as long as they are only occassional and not too damaging. Good luck for the year ahead

Carl said...

Hey Adam,. Great to see you are doing very well. I have seen several people ask you what kind of bank/stake you are using for your average trade but haven't seen an answer, Can you enlighten us?

Carl said...

Hey Adam, What typical bank/stake are you using for your average trade? I've seen this question asked several times but no answer that I can see, Please enlighten us!



Anonymous said...


Your blog is enlightening, refreshing, reliable and head and shoulders above all others. Its an inspiration for many of us who aim to get to where you are.
Keep it up in 2009 as I am certain your band of followers will increase through the year.
Good luck Adam, I personally look forward to your daily postings in the new year and with your positive attitude I feel sure you will reach your target.


Adam Heathcote said...

I'm making a post later today about my challenge, it's all explained there!

TickSize said...

Hi Adam
I'm sure you will put yesterday behind you in a matter of hours.

Actually it might turn out to be a blessing as the next time you trade I'm sure your mind will be focused.

I'm looking forward to 2009 I hope it will my best year.