Friday, 19 December 2008

Not my best

I was really in the mood for a full three meetings today to get my teeth stuck into. Unfortunately there were only two. I started off well, but the gaps in between where I couldn't really trade were frustrating, and they weren't long enough to go off and do something because I wanted to keep my eye on the markets. Anyway the waiting around got me frustrated and I still was in 'big swing' mood from yesterday's massive movements causing me to expect price swings and losing more often than not. Then I lost it when the images being shown from Downpatrick were intermittent, and so was the audio - it was the most annoying thing ever; crackling up, flashing horses every second, chopped up sentences, the lot. I was trading on a Southwell or Ascot race and it really got to me and lost quite a bit - I guess I didn't turn the TV off because I thought the ATR presenter was going to quite from the live coverage. Phwooaaaar anyway a frustrating day and the conditions really didn't bring the best out of me. I very nearly got caught out at the 14:45 at Southwell, the races had been put back all day by 5 minutes but not this race, I was listening to music to calm the waiting in between races and obviously must have missed them not putting this race back. Anyway I just managed to glimpse on TV that they were in fact about to go off and closed most of my position, losing out on an extra £30 as I looked to get out as soon as the race went in-play at the best possible available price.

I wasn't happy with my result today so decided to stay in tonight and trade. First race I made an awful decision but made up for it in the one straight afterwards.

Today's total: £574.58


leonthefixer said...

Hi Mate - I know what you mean about the ATR coverage, it is a shocker. I use the Red Button Option most of the time as you then don't get the ads, but I switch to the normal view when not at breaks as you may miss an interview or something which isn't shown on the red button and as you know interviews etc can have a huge affect on the market. Also on the red button they were showing the Southwell coverage whilst the main channel was showing the irish stuff, meant I knew exactly how far they were from starting at Southwell.

Well done on a good profit as usual.

leonthefixer said...

Today (Saturday) is a perfect example of the advantage of using the red button - ATR seem to be so against going split screen on the main screen that they often don't go to the next race until they have jumped, where as on the red button you can see the next race and Know that they are about to start.

I am sure you use the red button anyway but thought I would mention it.

Adam Heathcote said...

Hey, I have never used the red button before - I roughly knew about it but never used it. The coverage is pretty awful (for the traders). Will start using the red button now. Cheers leon