Saturday, 6 December 2008

A mess

Today was a long, slow and frustrating day. I was slightly hungover from going out last night and it showed in my trading. I know I could have turned today into a better result so I was quite disappointed. A typical Saturday in my opinion; lot's of races, many with low liquidity and a few with very high. I find you have to concentrate harder on a Saturday, and picking and choosing the races you trade on is important. It's a good idea to flick through a couple of races in advance so you don't miss out on any races with potential. I've done it many times; started trading on one race until "theeeeey're offff", only to find that in 3-4 minutes the next race is due off and there were big swings whilst you were trading on the poorer race!

I traded the evening races today because my results were poor and wanted to increase my day's profit. I made a good return at Wolverhampton so I can sleep slightly better tonight knowing I thrashed out a result in the end.

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andy said...

you are obviously trading with very large sums, how come you never get caught out by those unpredictable 6/7 tick moves that happen without warning?