Saturday, 20 December 2008


I still don't feel totally in control of my trading. Although I pulled a good result in (although partially lucky) I wasn't focused throughout the whole day today. I started off in control but soon hit a lazy saturday feeling. I think its because I have been very lazy since having a cold and haven't been going to the gym; I feel quite lethargic. I suppose its good that I'm producing results while not feeling like I'm doing that well. The lucky part today was £300 I made in one of the races, I accidentally left it go in-play today but managed to get out at a very good price in-play. I tell you though, my heart nearly stopped!

I will take tomorrow off and hopefully get down to the gym, do lots of stretches and hopefully feel refreshed on Monday.

Today's total: £1,055.33 (Just traded 2 evening races to tip over the magical thousand)

I'll start posting some more P&L's in the new year when my challenge starts. Hopefully I'll have some more readers by then!


John said...

Hi Adam
I am starting a blog of my own in january and was wondering how did you get the page visit counter at the base of your blog , i have looked in add gadget in blogger but cant seem to find it.
Best wishes
- did you try my hot toddy cure for the common cold??

Adam Heathcote said...

Hi John, yeah sure I got it from Just sign up, its free, then you just copy and paste the html text they give you into the html coding of the blog - this is the only part of my job where my Computer Science degree has come in handy!
I did try your hot toddy cure, but with one less cap full of whiskey! I did feel slightly better the next day, I think it was just a nasty cold! I will remember it though, it did make me feel better.

John said...

cheers Adam, just put the counter on the page now, check it out if you get a chance at
Ps love your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
Firstly let me tell you that what you are doin is fantastically good. Even though there may not be as many comments there are many people that want to comment but do not make the effort i have only got my self to at the moment. my question is that you have posted a target of 150,000 have you not already made that as you are making a net of 1000+ a day as it is hard to see on your site if you have hit the target yet ?

All the best luck