Wednesday, 31 December 2008

I couldn't help myself

I woke up this morning and didn't have much to do. I saw that two of the three main meetings had been cancelled and thought it was going to be a day for relaxing and watching TV until the evening. Seeing that I lost about £150 yesterday I thought I'll just trade on the Lingfield races every half an hour to make up yesterday's loss. I made it back up in practically the first race! Anyway, I had remembered Peter's post on his blog about how on the Monday he traded the whole day including the Irish meetings, with just an aim to squeeze a tenner or so out of them. I thought to myself, just because the Irish races seldom have enough liquidity it doesn't mean that money cannot be made from them. So I thought, why not, ten races with a profit of £10 makes a hundred so I gave them a go. It turned out the liquidity on them wasn't that bad at all. So from now on I am going to trade the Irish meetings (unless they are absolutely awful). So maybe not a bad end to the year after all!

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Huw said...

I like the trade at 1445 as thats where I made my biggest profit.