Monday, 22 December 2008

A good trading day

Today was a good day for trading. I felt like there were some good movements, even though I managed to lose money on the biggest movement of the day because I was busy making my lunch and kept missing big chunks of the movement because I was scoffing my mouth full and trying to cut my under-toasted toast, then when I got involved in the movement, it went straight against me!! Oh well, it can't always go your way. I didn't trade the whole day as I had a Christmas present to attend to from one of my good friends Emma. It was one of the most random plays ever on a story of Hansel & Gretel where you walk around with the actors on their journey. It was was probably more for children but I really enjoyed it; there was one kid who cried at this supposedly 'scary' part, poor kid - at least her parents were there!
Anyway back to trading, Monday's seem to have been quite good recently, I don't really have a favourite day anymore, every day seems to throw opportunties at you, it's just whether you can take them or not.

On a separate note: I was practising trading on football on Sunday on another account with another BetAngel open at the same time. Betfair had the cheek to send me an email today saying:

"Following our earlier emails and communication in the Betfair forum and on the Betfair Charges page we introduced the data request charging scheme on Monday 14th April.

You incurred a charge in relation to usage on the 21st December of £90.85. We have not debited your account today. We want you to avoid being charged in future."

I knew about transaction charges, but thought seeing I was paying a ridiculous amount in Premium Charges that any transaction charges I might rack up would be offset against them. I was wrong, I think Betfair are disgusting and seriously taking advantage of their monopoly. I mean giving me a warning. Come on. I guess you can tell I was not happy about the Premium Charge that was introduced. I would have accepted a further 5 % Premium Charge on top of commission already paid, but not 20%. How can Betfair supposedly 'need' to introduce the charge when they were already making a profit? And thanks for my christmas card Betfair, I am a very satisfied user of BetAngel, Peter Webb and the team at BetAngel were kind enough to send me a Christmas card, and I pay them 100 times less than I pay Betfair.

Anyway, thats my rant over, be sure to hear more of it until the day comes where we can all move over to Betdaq.

One final word on trading today. I stuffed up on quite a few races but managed to make a good return per race for the 13 races (14 if you count a one in-out trade on the same position over two seconds) traded. Over the christmas period where there is less racing it makes sense to analyse your efforts on profit per race as an average rather than analysing the average profit per day, to see how well your doing. I say this, but I still focus on my daily profit as an indicator as to how well I'm doing.

Sorry about the randomness in fonts. When I copied and pasted the email from Betfair it all messed up and I couldn't seem to find the default font.

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