Friday, 5 December 2008

A good result

Don't have too much to say today, other than it was a good days trading, even though I lapsed for an hour between 13:25 and 14:25. I had a good start and thought, 'Oh, I'm nearly on my average for the day, I can relax more' - totally the wrong attitude to have. After the hour had gone and I had nothing to show for it, I got angry at myself so that I would refocus. It worked and I finished the day off quite well. It brings me to realise again that there is always potential to improve; there are so many psychological traits that can be ironed out or improved to become a much more efficient trader. It's important to constantly evolve as a trader, just like in life.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Adam!excellent result indeed.
When you trade you look at the real time chart or the ladder. in my case, I feel very stressful looking at the ladder?. Any help?.