Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Day Off

Started off the day listening to Michael Baker live on WUBT (When You Bet Today) radio found at It was a great listen, from a great trader, as most of you already know as alot of you will have found your way here from his blog! (Cheers Mike).

I started trading today but felt a lack of liquidity and did not like the feel of the markets. It was very sunny this morning and made the flat warm and I felt a bit hot and agitated as you would on the underground on a hot summers day. Also felt like taking it a bit easier over Christmas, seeing that over the summer there is plenty of racing day throughout the day and I work hard then! So anyway I took the day off after a few races and finished the last of my Christmas shopping.


pt9091 said...

glad to see i was not the only one struggling to find some opportunities!

BrianM said...

Adam, best wishes for your 2009 objective. Having followed you so far, I'm pretty sure you will make it.

I'm also social bookmarking your site so that others might have the benfit of following you.

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