Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Cure for the common cold welcome

It has been a similar day today, still got a cold; feeling worse, and to top it off a meeting was cancelled. I was very frustrated with my trading today, very poor trading. I know as soon as I'm feeling better the results will flow, but doesn't stop me from being frustrated. I will take tomorrow off because if I'm free from emotions I will recover much sooner!

Made ~£260 from about 10 races or so. I'm heading back to bed. Hopefully I'm better by Friday to thrash out a good result.


Isabella said...

Hi Adam

Hope you are feeling better soon! I have a question if you don't mind - do you use Sky TV for racing footage (ATR & RacingUK) or do you use their broadband services? I ask beacuse I am trying to make up my mind which to get.



Adam Heathcote said...

Hi Isabella,

Nice to see a girl on the scene! I use Sky TV, its just more convenient! I'd recommend the same definitely.


Michael Baker said...


How come you get a girl reader and i don’t!!! Might have to put up some pictures of me trading naked that will pull em in!!! The thread on racingtraders is really getting busy now!!!!


John said...

Adam - cure for the common cold as follows:
Hot Toddy

4/5 cap fulls of whiskey
Juice from half a lemon (freshly squeeze)
300ml of 7 up
2 tea spoons of brown sugar
All into mug
Place in microwave for 1 minute stop and stir and place in microwave for further minute , take two of those before bed and you will feel fantastic in the morning!

Adam Heathcote said...

Maybe its the "suspect" hair I have Mike! According to a now ex-post on racingtraders!

Cheers John, although I am a little scared to drink alcohol while I'm ill!... does it really work? I'm still feeling awful, so may give it a go if I'm still the same tomorrow.

John said...

You will be trading like Gordon Gekko after my cure

Isabella said...

All you other girl readers out there - give these guys some attention. They are cooped up in front of their monitors for far too long....err well about as long as we are ;) Very unhealthy!