Sunday, 28 December 2008

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is the busiest day of the year - this year there were 8 meetings (11 if you count the Irish meetings). It was very hectic, many of the races lacked liquidity as there was not enough time between races for a steady build up of money to be traded. There wasn't really any time for a breather, but it added to the fun of it being Boxing Day. I never trade the Irish races unless there is at least about £200,000 matched on the market, otherwise I just feel it's not worth it.

Anyway more about the day, I didn't trade in my normal trading environment because I went home to spend Christmas with the family. So I took my laptop and my backup laptop, and watched ATR and RUK using my Slingbox that I set up in my office. If you are not aware of what a Slingbox is, it basically allows you to stream live (with about an extra 3 second delay) images from your TV over the internet. You set it up in a way that allows you to change the channel from where ever you are. It's a great setup allowing me to work from anywhere. Although my advantage is reduced somewhat with delayed images, a makeshift trading environment; I had a desk about 50 cm high and was sitting on the floor!

I was disappointed with my effort in the Kauto Star race, I was looking forward to trading in it but I absolutely botched it up. Apart from that I feel I did okay considering the less than standard liquidity in a lot of the races. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Another good day Adam. Forgive me if you've already stated this but what is your starting bank for your new year challenge?