Thursday, 4 December 2008

Back to trading

I heard there would be course inspections in the morning, I always go by the rule of if only one meeting has been cancelled then I still trade but if two are cancelled then I might as well take the day off and enjoy a full day off. Thankfully only one was cancelled and I pulled in an okay day given there were two meetings; traded on a few of the evening races too whilst eating and watching the football on five. I fit in a cardio session at the gym after the day's racing too.. 8.5 miles on the cross trainer in an hour! Would have run it on the running machine but my legs are still aching from the 5-a-side I played Monday. Yeah I know!

So anyway, today felt quite laborious, I felt I couldn't get my teeth into any good solid trading. If every day was like today I would lead a very frustrated trading career. Looking back over my first full year of trading, I really enjoy the unpredictability of trading and the never-ending different scenarios; like a chess game where every game turns out differently. You have to enjoy what you do to be successful. Another thing is I hate missing races, I start thinking of the potential a race may have for trading and what opportunities I may have missed out on.

On a separate note, I bought this 'Henry Desk Vacuum' for a laugh, looks just like a Henry hoover except 10 times smaller! It's absolutely crap, the best it can vacuum is the tiniest bread crumbs you have ever seen. So a word of warning... don't buy it!


paul said...

Another decent day, Adam. What benefits do you get from using BetAngel that you would miss if using BetTrader or Gruss? Also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm looking to move abroad in 6 months. Do you reckon it would be possible to be earning £50-£100 per day in that time with the benefit of Peter Webb's course? I understand the basic concepts of pre-race trading though my experience of it is very limited. Great blog and well written, unlike many.

rate me, please... thanks said...

very nice

Adam Heathcote said...

Cheers Paul. Well I can't really compare products since I have only used BetAngel. But my experience from it is very good, it's reliable and fast. I go around doing my trading on the platform with no hassle at all. Regarding Peter's course, I would say it is possible to make that. I did and I don't class my skills as anything special.
Cheers for the nice comment!!

leonthefixer said...

Cheers for heads up on the hoover - I saw them in the paper on the weekend and thought it would be great for cleaing the keyboard after I have spilt my lunch over it due to eating to fast between races - saved me wasting my money!

Well done on another very good day!

Any thoughts on my previous comment a couple of entries down?

Anonymous said...

Hey Matey!
Can you say what is your usual stake and how long are you staing in trade (in average)?
Your results are very good and I think you either scalping with biggish stakes or you are more swing trader.
Good Luck,

Paul Heathcote said...

Thats a pitty I've bought you Henry for your Christmas present

Paul said...

Hi Adam,

Nice to find a blog from someone freshky off the course, I attended the course by peter just 2 weeks ago, was very good and made me realise just how little I actually knew, plenty of moments in the course where things began to click, I will follow your blog with interest and its only just now I have stopped losing money, need to focus on making small bits little and often just now and take it from there, your results have really enthused me to press ahead!

Paul, Glasgow

Anthony said...

Well done Adam. Very impressive. I agree with Leon and would be very grateful for a video of a couple of your trades.

Adam Heathcote said...

I probably won't be doing any videos of myself trading. I don't feel I need to seeing that there are many videos out there already!... doing some myself would just be repeating what other people have already done!


Anthony said...

That's fair enough but I can't find any videos of anyone making the kind of money you do. Are there any you know of? The videos I've seen make about what I do - not alot!