Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Back to my best

Today was amazing. I started off very cool, calm and in control. Was wondering whether to trade today or not because there were not 3 full meetings and I felt a little like having a Christmas break. Although I traded well, I still knew where I could improve drastically; every time I make over a hundred in a race I take it easy in the time left before the race is about to start (if there is any) and this is not maximising my potential by constantly trading in the time available. I once again had to miss the last 2 races this afternoon, I never like missing races, especially when I'm on a roll. Actually saying that, I hate missing races even more if I'm trading badly because I'm so desperate to get on to the next race to make up any losses.

I thought today would lack some liquidity because of the festivity period and there were other traders I know taking time off, but I was wrong! I felt the markets were very liquid, frequently going over £1 million matched by the end of the race.

I will make a post some time between boxing day and new years eve to explain my challenge in more depth, until then, Merry Christmas and don't eat too many mince pies.


Anonymous said...

hi Adam

wicked results i have also been on peters course when did u pluck the courage to go for it with larger staking....also do u have one strategy that fits all or do u vary it according it to the markets like peter does..
keep up the good work

pt9091 said...

adam.... well done, looking forward to reading your new blog next year on the betangel site, looking at your totals so far i think the 150k will be a walk in the park!

im hoping things go better as well in the new year, i had one of those lightbulb moments you mentioned in previous posts yesterday which seemed to help my trading so much

Since i came back from the betangel course i have traded using £2 stakes and all i have been learning to do is not make a loss, ie gettting rid of the gambler in me, and learning to scratch a trade as quickly as possible when it goes against me and not letting things go in play, heart stopping as you said.

learning this discipline has been the biggest challenge, now that i am getting there i am begging to notice trends happening and making small profits from them. I hope for any novice traders or begginers reading this that you might be doing the same things, its also things i picked up from your blog adam, so anyway im off to start prepping tommorrows dinner and crack open a bottle of red, have a good christmas and new year, Paul

Paul said...

Great blog! Only came across it a couple of days ago. It's a good read. Really impressive results and some good info.

Best of luck for next year, Paul

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam

You are doing a fantastic job mate. I know you probably dont want to give away your edge but is a main part of your trading anaylising the charts?

All the best and have a great xmas!