Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Hi, Welcome to my blog! I don't have any readers yet, but I hope that changes.. A quick intoduction, I trade pre-race horse racing markets predominantly on Betfair at the moment, but as soon as Betdaq liquidity improves and I can move over there without affecting my profits, it's bye bye Betfair! I will miss Betfair - I prefer the name!
I try to work 6 days a week, but based on records its more like 5! I learnt trading on horse racing purely by myself, knowing that I had seen and heard it was possible to make money from it. A few P&L's on blogs and websites gave me somewhere to aim for to get good. If I see someone doing better than me I know I have to get better - I think this is partly down to my quick success I'd say! That, and being young, quick and intuitive all seems to help with trading! I generally do keep calm. Losses don't really affect me unless they are big and self-inflicted by a bad trade - in which case I have a conveniently placed boxing bag to the right of me for when that happens! Usually on a daily basis!... Trading can be stressful, days when I have no losses are rare and valued!

Anyway, I'm sure I will provide you with a greater insight into my trading life in future posts. I will update this blog most days of the week. In the meantime, before 2009 kicks off I will post P&L's so you get an idea of how I'm doing and whether you'll think I'll achieve this challenging target!

Here is today's (yesterday's now) P&L; a better than average day. Feel free to email me and ask me any questions.


Peter Webb said...

Glad to hear you are still doing well. Good luck with your blogging.

Anonymous said...

Great profits, I can't believe you've only been trading a year! I've been doing it 2 years and I average £300 a week.

Can I ask what sort of bank you’re using? I have a 2k bank but I stake about half of it.

Do you know much about horse racing? That might help because I know nothing. Anyway great start to your blog, I'll be reading till you reach your challenge.

Mengi said...

You would be make nearly 1mil by mid 2009 if you carry on the way you are.

How did u start off I like to ask as I'm struggling.