Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A good day

Today was a good day as the title says. Although it didn't come without any frustration... In the 12:30 there was a huge movement! I was watching it from odds of 4.1 and drifted out to 8, I managed to make about £150, but in terms of the size of the movement it was kind of pathetic. You tend to think when a move is happening, that, it's going to stop drifting at some point, but no this one just kept going! This race was a bit of a blur but nevertheless a nice profit.

Overall today there was good money, good movement, apart from a dullish few races midway through the day I was happy. Not completely happy, I'm never completely satisfied with my efforts. I have traded 308 days since I started keeping records and I can only remember one day where I was completely satisfied - that just so happened to be my best day!

Here is P&L from today, if only today was 1st Jan 2009 it would have been a good start to my challenge.



Wow, that is some impressive p+l figures, can't believe you've only been trading for such a short period of time!

Why do you think you have done so well in such a short time?

anyway good luck with the blog. i will be glued


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Adam. Here's to the 150k by this time next year.
Best, Robbo