Thursday, 27 November 2008

Good bad day

Well today went well, but bad at the same time. I lost my concentration and focus a couple of times resulting in a few races with big losses. Very frustrating - didn't need the boxing bag suprisingly though! It's so important to stay completely focused on what your doing otherwise it can be so easy to slip up. There was one race where I could have made a packet but didn't, so overall an average day; average is never really good enough for me though; there is always room for improvement.

No interesting screenshots to show today, although there were a few occassions where the movement on a horse was certainly heading in one direction, then BANG, changed direction without notice. Probably arbitragers and value takers going hang on a sec, check out this opportunity!


M Baker said...

Looking good mate, keep it up... I stuck a link up on my blog now too yours on the side so should get a few more readers... all the best

paul said...

Good luck with the challenge, Adam. If your profits keep up, it won't be too long at all. I've been doing small in-running trading to some success for a year but am thinking of moving to pre-race trading as I want to go and live abroad for a while and the pics won't be avaiable. What do you reckon to Peter Webb's course? Worth the dough?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the blog, got the link from M Bakers blog, it seems as though more and more people are being successful and pre-race trading which gives me more motivation to do the same.
Do you use the live video purely to know if a race is being delayed so you know you have more time to trade?


Adam Heathcote said...

Cheers Paul, Peter Webb's course was inspirational, I would definitely recommend his course! Looking back it was more than worth the inspiration.

The video I use is not just to give me more time to trade, I use to it to see of a horse is maybe playing up, in which case their odds usually drift.