Friday, 28 November 2008


Today was awful. I started off really well, £600 up after midway through the day, then I felt half asleep in my head and that's never a good thing. I am too embarassed to post the detailed P&L today but I ended up about £230. Had a couple of big losses like yesterday, it's another sign to me to have a day off. I have worked the past 10 days straight and feel mentally exhausted. I know some people might say "well you only work 4 hours a day", well, its 4 hours of thousands if not tens of thousands of quick yes no decisions made very very quickly in my head and its tiring. There's also the psychological fact that I know I haven't had a day off for that long.. I begin to hear my Dad's voice telling me to 'take a break'.

Anyway! I am out tonight on the booze at a karaoke night so I will sing my heart out. I want to trade tomorrow even though I probably shouldn't, I definitely have Sunday off as it's my Dad's birthday, basically going to watch the Super Sunday football round there instead of here!

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